Monument Colors

We offer many different design options to showcase both the personality and uniqueness of the person you are memorializing:

Stone Color: Any where from traditional grey to greens, purple, pink and black we have many different colors to choose from the best quarries around the world.

African Impala

Aurora India

Bahama Blue

Bethel White

Black Galaxy

Blue Pearl


Cats Eye

Charcoal Grey



Imperial Pink

Indian Impala

Indian Mist

Indian Dakota

Indian Black Absolute

Laurention Rose

Misty Mauve


Pastel Pink

Red Multi Color

Royal Mahogany

Strawberry Red

Tropical Green

Vega Blue

Light Grey

Medium Grey

Select Grey

Porcelain Portrait Photos

Have a favorite Photo? We can screen it onto a piece of porcelain without damaging or affecting the original. Digital images can be used as well and come out just as beautiful. Porcelain Photos can attached to any color or size memorial.

Specialized Carvings (Etchings) Done by a Gifted Artist

Etchings are carvings that are done with diamond tipped tooling. Etchings provide more detail than sandblasting and give a life like appearance. Portraits, scenes and religious figures are common requests. Our artist has 30 years experience with adding photos, nature scenes and religious images to granite. His quality and detail is among the best in the industry and with the diamond tooling used it will last forever. 

Add a Personal Touch

Did they enjoy singing and dancing? Going out on a nice day to enjoy nature or sports? Tell us about them and we can help show who they were to the world by adding personal design elements. Below are just a few examples of how we can add personality to a memorial and make it special. If you have an idea please ask us how we can make it a reality.

Custom Shapes and Carvings

Memorial Benches

What sets us apart from other Monument Dealers and Internet Based companies?

No Middleman: Cemeteries, funeral homes, and many other monument companies don’t actually manufacture. They are storefronts and purchase from manufactures such as us and add a large markup. We eliminate the middleman and provide you with wholesale pricing.

Delivery and Cemetery Setting Services (cemeteries many times will not accept delivery only): Do not confuse delivery (that most cemeteries won’t take) with placement of the memorial in the cemetery at the gravesite. Delivery and installation are two very different services. If someone is accepting delivery they must be able to handle or have equipment for stone handling as the weight can be several hundred pounds. Our factory can delivery and instal to cemeteries in NJ, NY, PA and CT using experts who are trained to carefully handle gravestones.

We make it easy to proceed with your memorial once you are ready:

You can visit our factory in Bergen County, NJ (North Arlington) which is easily accessible from many major roadways and is very close to NY as well.

-Call us or Email Us: We can email you or send you in regular mail a memorial agreement with all the details. Don’t worry about self design tools that can be confusing to use and fill out.

-All payments accepted: We accept all major credit cards, check or cash.