Bergen County, NJ and Beyond’s Trusted Monument Maker

When the ones we love most pass on, it is important to preserve their memory through a proper memorial. As the region’s premier monument maker, our professionals at Prestige Memorials create high-quality, unique, and truly memorable memorial items for families across Bergen County, NJ.

Headstones, Monuments, Bronze Plaques and Other Memorial Items

We manufacture in-house and sell a host of custom-made commemorative items, including bronze plaques, cremation urns, headstones, mausoleums, and monuments, each available in a wide range of styles and materials. Let our professionals add your loved one’s memorial with personalized etchings and porcelain photos, affixed either by laser tools or by hand.

Maintenance and Restoration Services

We proudly offer maintenance and restoration services for those who have headstones or monuments they would like to see restored. Our burial services include bronze refinishing, cemetery etching and lettering, and monument cleaning.

Serving Families in Bergen County, NJ and Beyond

Whether you live in Bergen County, NJ or are acting on your loved one’s wish to be buried there, Prestige Memorials is the monument maker you can trust to give them the memorial they deserve. You can find our contact information below.